OhBaby It Is Me

2002-08-31 02:44:09 (UTC)

She ran her fingers through his..

She ran her fingers through his blond hair, gloden
like hunny and wet with the sweat they had just made.

I thought of that today when I was daydreaming at
SeaBreeze(only one other person knows what that means).
Today really really sucked in the fact that I wasn't home
and that I'm sick, but it was nice to because I spent it
all with my Father and Robert. I wish I could spend more
time with someother people though. There is so much going
on inside my head that I need someone to take my mind off
of it all. Someone does that for me, and he knows who he
is, and I love him to death for it.

(Aww, you tell me not to leave so I don't but then you go
and don't even tell me. Is there something I've done that
pissed you off and made you not care to talk to me, or did
you just have to go somewhere last minute? I'm scared that
I've done something wrong. You know how in love with you I
am, I can't stand not being able to talk to you.)