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2001-07-18 15:19:36 (UTC)

letters to shaina

these are some of the letters I sent to my best friend
shaina at camp

hey, today I was at the thing and BRIAN ASKED ME TO COUPLE
SKATE and guess what I SAID NO,HAHA and he like tried to
feed me in my mouth I was like no, eww, u know I can;t take
it when someone goes after me, then these losers who are in
the 6th grade at US think I'm hot,lol anyway I gtg LUV YA

hey whats up, gues what, everyone from camp did this thing,
like most out going best head shot, best singer. I won
like almost all of them lol. I got most out going, loudest,
funniest, one of the most populars(like 3 peopel won it)
and funniets fights(with brian) hehe and I was talking to
my friend and she was like brian was obsessed with u, u
were deffinately his fave camper, Iwas like ohh yeah. and I
also got like most popular with counslers, hehe becuz they
said I acted old for my age, like me and this guy who was a
senior at us named dan were soo cool,lol I was brians fave
go me, but anyway gtg ttyl, my friend is hooking me up with
her 18 year old bro,lol