U think u know, but u have no Idea
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2001-07-18 15:11:52 (UTC)

My friends are hoes

my friends are such hoes,lol.Let me tell u what they did,
they went over my friends house, and her older bros friends
were there and they let at least 3 boys feel them up, each.
and the only reason they did it was to be cool, but now the
only thing they are is hoes, they're getting a reputation,
and all my friends are turning into hoes, and this is
really not cool. the guys in our grade r through with them,
the boys who they let do the stuff don't even like them,
they got straight played. I feel really sorry for them,
they are now part of the hoe population, and when ur a hoe,
no guys will go out with u, they'll just try and get some
from u, cuz they know ur easy, it's gotta suck, ohh well
gtg ttyl diary

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