Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
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2002-08-30 23:12:17 (UTC)

went with my dad

This whole week my dad wanted me to go to work with
him...today i went...it was ok..got kinda bored..but oh
well..it was better then sitting on my ass all day on the
computer and cleaning the house!!
The person my dad worked for, works at this chocolate
company...hmmmm...tasty chocolate...she gave us 2 small
boxs of chocolate...but since today we did a really good
job at her place..she's gonna give us more on
tuesday..lol..my mom's excitied!! :D LOL..so is my whole
family...Damn chocolate eaters!!! *waves fits in the air*
Tomorrow is Nancy's wedding...do i have to wear one outfit
for the church and another one for the dinner?? naahhh i
dont have clothes..well...i do...but i dont wanna wear
them...its not my style any more..i dunno why i got it..I
WANNA GET A BLACK SIMPLE DRESS!!! :'(..damn it..but they
dont have dress for little people like meeeee...im
5'2..oooorrrr the make dress is to large for the
body...ggrrr!!..maybe i should make my own clothing line
for small skinny girls!! :D:D:D:D:D...LMAO..hmm...maybe i
could..teehehe..okies i should go eat chocolate b4 its

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