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2002-08-30 23:07:21 (UTC)


Well, I think over all, this day has been a good one.
Today is the first football game of the season but it is
an away game so that blows :-/ but all the guys wore their
jerseys and they looked damn sexy! This kid, his name
is...well I'll use his initials just in case, JE and last
year he was in one of my classes and I thought he was very
hott. I pointed him out at the first football game(last
year) to my friend, CC (I actually call her that, thats
not just in case haha) she realized that she knew him
since he was like 2! Her dad and his dad work together.
But, anyway, I talked to JE like once last year and I dont
think he liked me very much. I dunno sometimes you just
know how people feel about you. I guess I just made it
obvious that I thought he was hott. But back to my
original story. Today, I wore a cute skirt and I NEVER
wear skirts lol. But I was up infront of the cafeteria
getting some candy, and as I was walking back, I saw a
white shirt out of the corner of my eye. Well the football
players jerseys are white so I looked to see who it was.
Well it turns out that it was JE and he was sooo checking
me out! He made it soo obvious too...when I turned and saw
that it was him , he quickly looked away so I wouldnt
notice him checking me out...Well I caught him! And I just
want to say that I am sorry for anything I did or said to
make him not like me. And if I am wrong about him not
liking me I hope I find out soon so I am not afraid to
talk to him!
I don't think Ry is coming over tonight because it is
almost 7:00. His girlfriend gets done working, I think, at
9:00 and he only comes over when she isnt there...stupid
eh? I think so!
OHH OHH!! Guess what!! I have a job interview on
Tuesday at the DEB shop! I am tres excited because I
really need a job and I never had one before. I also love
the DEB shops clothes so if I got a job there it would be
soo sweet because I could get discounts!! I have to wear
something spiffy! I got a call from a girl ( I think her
name is Lyndsay) and she asked me if I could do an
interview!!! I was so polite and she sounded like Kelly
Klarkson from American Idol...I am soo nervous also!
Grr...I never had an interview before (obviously)...I cant
get my hopes up though because I dont have the job
yet...What is ironic is today in Accounting I watched a
movie about how to act in an interview...teeheehee...okay
well I think thats it for now...if Ry comes over I will
write later tonight prolly...

Until Next Time America

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