My piece of reality
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2002-08-30 22:52:53 (UTC)

great week!

Hey matt, this is for you cuz you're prolly the only one
that reads this, but hey 1 person is more than most people
have! lol
so anywho. this week has freakin been like the best week
ever. we went to the car store last night to buy my mom a
car, and we were gonna trade my dads in to take some off
the payments, but then we decided that i get it! so now i
have a car! then today my daddy bought me a cell phone! i'm
probably the last person on earth to get one but hey. thats
not a bad deal a car and a phone in less than 24 hours!
on the sad end of it all tho, john leaves for alaska
tomorrow. :( i'ma miss him so much. i made him a cd with
some of "our songs" on it (( just ones we both like )) and
a couple that i know he likes. its nothing much. just
somehting to keep him busy.
i talked to his ex girlfriend, who actually is a very nice
person. i thought she would hate me or something. we had a
really nice talk and she decided she likes me and that i
should "take her place for john" i guess i am a good
influence on him or something. we're not together by any
means but i do care about him a lot and i treasyre the
friendship we have. which is ALL we have because we talked
last week and decided that thats what we are. everything is
still the same, but we just made a title of sorts. i talked
to his ex again the other day because someone had told her
that john and i had kissed the other day, which is no big
deal cuz it happens..... but i guess she was surprised. she
decided that she needs to distance herself from him or
whatnot. i dont know if shes still upset or what. i felt
bad, but its not a big deal. just friends.
i really hope that he has a safe trip. he promised me
dinner when he comes home so i'm holding on to that. but i
should go right now. hes gonna come say goodbye and then
i'ma go party! lol
i'll write again hopefully soon if i have a good weekend. i
have to talk about my "fight" with dave. have a great day!