the life of a not so perfect KT girl
2002-08-30 22:47:19 (UTC)


music : Gone away - cold

mood : I dunno

Hey its been awhile ... I have sooo busy .. and I am
getting aggrevated with the thought of just living here!
Bahh i am so ready to move out .. however i am a year
older ... yup finally .. but it sucks b/c its one of those
inbetween ages and yeah I still don't have a date to
Homecoming and I am sure I won't get one but whatever
yeah so have a new boy .. his name is Justin and yeah he is
like a little bit older than me .. It kinda sucks he is
like 5 years older but whatever b/c I really like him alot
and I think we are together but ya know how it is ..
boys are so confussing .. I dunno he is like perfect for me
b/c he has that level of like I dunno .. he and I are just
right for eachother .. he's a kicker and i am an urban
cowgurl :)
he rides hores and well lets leave that unsaid ;)

sop yeah I dunno he lives on his own and I really like
him .. I think he could support me .. ya know .. he ike one
of those guys that u can look at and know they want the
wife and 2 kids and the nice farm home ... put that all
together and u have my goal in life .. I dunno I want the
whole package and I am thinking maybe he and I could have
it .. I dunno .. we will see and yeah not to excited about
having to like chill with my family .. :( .. and I am going
to miss the vinilla Ice concert ( I am his last fan what
can I say )
I think I could fall in love with Justin ..