down in my eyes
2002-08-30 22:09:58 (UTC)

wash it away

Earvin isn't working at Quiznos anymore. He quit... 'n his last
day was Tuesday. Him 'n Mike are the Quiznos OriGinals.. 'n were
the ones who took me under their wing. Aw.... I miss him. :(

I didn't sleep until about 5am last night. I feel really
exhausted, 'n once again, i feel like i can just cry all day.
Nothing dramatic has really happened as of late.. so i have
no ideea why. I guess that's just me. At almost any given
moment, i'm crying behind my eyes, I'm crying inside.

'N it's been about over a month since i've spoken with him. I
miss him soo muuch. Tho, i don't think he even notices..
But if i were him,... I prolly wouldn't either. :(

I miss you. :*(