Jena's Rants
2001-07-18 14:24:09 (UTC)

Slide slide slippity slide, when you're livin' in the city it's do or die!

I am so very happy - it's raining and I have no headaches
today. So far, that is - but I am trying to be positive.
I want to grow up and live in the jungle and wear cute
little outfits that look like tiger skin, but really
aren't..... I don't wear aminals (not animals, say it with
me a-m-i-n-a-l-s, GOOD). So anyhoo, I want to live in a
tree in the jungle, and play with the chimpanzees,
Danceswithchimps will be there - he's related I think.
Then I want the people from National Geographic to come to
the jungle to do a special piece on me, "The Mysterious
Jungle Monkey Girl", and then eat shrooms with the
photographers and try to capture their hallucinations on
film. Then I will coerce them into my swingy hangy bed,
you know like the ones from Gilligan's Island, and not even
have sex with them. I just want to make them think that
they are getting some so that I can make them in a
canabalistic human stew to serve to my monkey friends at
our next get together.