My Life...
2001-07-18 14:15:33 (UTC)

Another day....

I wasn't able to write in here in a couple of days, but
thats okay. TO day is the 18th (Wed.) and I am just getting
ready to leave to work. It's 7:05 a.m. Usually I have left
my now but I am still waiting for my mom (who is my boss)
to get ready. She woke up a little late.

This is my tipical day. I am alway's the first one to get
ready.. so I am alway's bored waiting on people. =), but
that's okay because it gives me time to relax, and just

I went to court yesterday for my Jakes Expedition of Speed
ticket, we think he's going to get out of it. They said
that if he shows him his letter of exceptance to West
Point, then they will just let it go, oh and he has to get
a letter saying that the Transmission to the Merciedies
that we had rented for Prom was all messed up. But, now the
guy that said he would write it,is saying that he wont
write it now. So now I am not sure what we are going do. I
am just praying for the best to happen. So we';ll see. I
guess it's a $15,000 dollor fine, or like 1 year in Prison
or something like that. *OUCH*

A bunch of us went out to the beach last night and we
through a bomb Firer. It was pretty nice, kind of cold
though. But I had fun.

I have been pretty down on my self lately! In Februray of
2001, My best friend Kim, my Boy Friend and I were all in
an auto accident. Some Drunk hit us ont he Freeway coming
home from the "Block". we were at a dead stop when this guy
hit us going 65-70 mph. He hit us twice once from the back
then we spun they spun, their rear hit out side, then we
spun some more, than our front hit the gaurdrailing.

(Oh shoot I have to leave for work.. I will tell more when
I get to work and have nothing better to do).