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2002-08-30 20:31:59 (UTC)


ok pep rally today... ok ill admit i was peppy! lol but
nobody else was... during our class song we all stand up
then every class does it in order and whoever does it the
loudest wins the bull dawg bone (long story) but anyways it
came to juniors turn and my friend said she would stand up
with me and we did but we were like the only ones standing
and yelling lmao!

yea so anyways tonights the 1st game! im going of course
with my ryan, heather,jess,amanda and lots of others im
just hopeing i dont get sick cuz then ill have to leave all
my friends and i dont get to see them often as it is and i
know they will be mad at me :(

ugh ive been waiting so long to see ryan again im just
hopeing i dont get sick! i got sick at school and i couldnt
get myself to feel better it was messed up! then i sat in
the middle of like a million peeps at the pep rally and i
thought i was ganna vomit!

vomiting with tons of ppls around never is a good thing but
tonight it will be a lil more opened with being able to
move! but ill be more scared with ryan being there and not
knowing whats ganna happen between us!!!!

Mood: scared

Song: "i gatta bbq stain on my blue and white t-shirt"