Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2002-08-30 19:56:30 (UTC)

I guess im supposed to do this? i didn't get the memo...

1. Name: Matthew Joseph Wells
2. What guys call you: Wells, That Weez
3. What girls call you: not too often anymore
4. What your parents/family calls you: irresponsible

5. Birth City: Jacksonville, Fl

6. Hospital: Riverside

7. Time: around 3am

8. Number of times you've moved: 3 w/fam, 4 as a grown
young man living on my own.

9. Birthday: may 21, 1979

10. Age: 23

11. Height: 6'0"
12. Weight: 155

13. Blood Type: red, cold

14. Grade: usda

15. Classes for next year: maybe defensive driving

16. School: maybe one required by the state, ooh maybe i'll
go to hair school.

17. Siblings (whole/step/half and ages): 1 rock n roller of
a sis named Joanna 17
18. Parents married or divorced: married

19. How is your room decorated: posh art, fragrence of love
scented candles, wait.....actually in dirty clothes and a
def leppard poster
20. What kind of cell phone do you have: nextel, so that
ben matt and i can all be Billy B.A's and use the radio
loud in public places..

21. Pets: my parents have a black lab named webster, and a
kitten named lola, and i just have pet peeves.
22. Screenname(s):(aol IM)
Ladies IM me anyyyy time!!

23. What is your eye color: green-grey-blue..depending on
the color of my attire on a given day
24. What is your hair color: dark brown. right now im
almost black, with red.
26. What size shoe do you wear: 9 1/2
SECTION TWO: What's your favorite..........

1. Food: steak, shrimp, microwave popcorn
2. Drink: Mountain dew, random beer

3. Fruit: apples

4. Vegetable: i like green beans

5. Color(s): im gonna go with red

6. Cologne/perfume: jill sander for men

7. Part of the opposite sex: im an eye guy, and im a sucker
for a dope haircut on a beautiful girl..maybe like a mohawk.

8. Stuffed animal: im try to have real live women

9. Mall: lennox

10. Candle scent: strawberry's and creme

11. Store: Bill Halman, a pleathora of thrift stores,
clothing warehouse. (atl) NYC has the best
and destroy, H&M, filth mart, any second hand shop on St.
marks st.

13. Current song: Ash-Burn baby burn, OKGO- get over it,
Butch Walker- Alice Amnesia

14. Gum: polar ice

15. Movie: Rainman, a time to kill, velvet goldmine, can't
hardly wait, good will hunting, ferris bullers day off,
mallrats, chasing amy
16. Actor: Jason Lee
17. Actress: charlize theron

18. Animal: dog

19. TV channel: mtv2, vh1, style channel

20. TV show: behind the music, bands on the run was the
best show ever, real world, friends, mtv diary
21. Radio station: 99x, am radio with neil boortz, and
clark howard
22. Rapper: pimp c from UGK, and Skinny Deville from Nappy
roots, fav. group Outkast
24. Soundtrack: Velvet goldmine, singles, detroit rock city
25. Class:

26. Article of Clothing: my diesel jeans
27. Flower: uh....

28. Holiday: christmas

29. Day of the week: friday

30. Month: november

31. Season: fall

32. City: New York City, LA, Atlanta, san fran

33. State: NY, CA

34. Vacation spot: NYC, San Fran

35. Age to be: 17-no responsibility, and alcohol as readily
accessable as it is when you're 21, can't beat that.

36. College football team: Florida gators

37. Comedy: in Living Color

38. Cartoon:

39. Place to drive around: middle of the city, it's not
near as scary as people make it out to be

40. Blanket: are you kidding?

41. Car: i want a 70-something trans-am, or fire bird with
the huge bird deal on the hood soooo rock n roll
is that

42. Eye color: blue

43. Hair color: brunette

44. Pen ink color: black

45. Shoes that you own: red diesel running shoes, all stars

46. Computer game: i prefer art programs like adobe

47. Quote: "ever girl's crazy bout a sharp dressed man"

SECTION THREE: Person who...

1. Is your best friend: Ward, Jodi
2. You want to go out with: im perfectly content with Jodi,
but single and pick would be natalie imbruglia

4. Teases you the most: Ward,and my dad

5. You hate the most: Billy's and Tommy's, nina's and
sally's. the BA, toughnuts, know's she's hot, and strut
your stuff make me wanna vommit.

6. Makes you laugh the hardest: Ward
7. Makes you cry: checks, gas prices, fashion

8. Makes you smile: Jodi
9. ????

10. Has your same clothing style: ward, ben, rock stars
from around the globe
11. Is most like you personality wise: ward

12. You lie to: myself. I tell me im rich and beautiful
every day

13. Calls you the most: Jodi, Ward, matt1, mom

14. You wish you never met: a certain x-gf

15. Wears you out: my sister is a mess. trying to keep her
in line is taxing, but i love her.

16. You love to hate: Ja Rule

17. You hate to love: Avril lavigne

18. Go to for advice: friends, fam

20. Trust the most: God, Mom

21. Care for the most: Parents and sis

22. Love: family, friends, nikki sixx

SECTION FOUR: Random Questions requiring long answers...

1. How do yah take complements? I try to say thanks you and
let them know i really do appreicate them taking time to

2. Thing about girls/guys that makes you wanna hug them to
bits: a sweet note, good advice

3. Thing you fear more than anything else: losing my parents

4. Thing that makes you uncomfortable: going to unfamiliar
places...not knowing exactly what to do..(that makes no
sesne i know but it does to me)

5. Pet Peeve: inconsiderate people, people with road rage

6. Thing you can do that no one else knows about: a
backhand spring, and high jump 6'0"...or i could.
7. Thing you dislike about your relatives: they are little
unsure what to think of my sister and I's style.
Last question, I swear, What is the meaning of life: To
find the ultimate distortion sound...
actually love....everything revolves around and is based on
love, we don't exsist without love. Love one another.
sounds gay i know.