And now for something completely dumb
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2002-08-30 18:56:35 (UTC)

Sum Up

Well, another Beta Bash has come and gone. I had a lot of
fun. I got to see a lot of people I haven't seen for a
while. So it was great.

Yesterday my dog got out. If any of you know the story of
Aug. 23, 1997 then you know how special he is to me. It
really sucks, he's getting really old and has arthritis in
his back hip. I don't like sayin this but I don't think
he's got much time left. I know when he dies I'm gonna
cry. That's right, I'm gonna cry. I love my dog very much.

I'm gettin antzy...which is never Antzy leads
to hyper. Hyper leads to lots of dumb stuff done. Its
gonna be a great night. I think I'm gonna get drunk soon.
Sounds good.

I found out that my mom is expecting me to kick the shit
out of my ex-brother-in-law. She says its my
responsibility to take revenge for the pain and suffering
he caused my sister. I really don't have a problem with
that, I was gonna do it anyway. So help me God, may any
man that thinks he has the right to strike a woman suffer a
death like no other. Can you tell I feel very strong about
that kind of stuff. Well, I'm gonna go clean my
room....that's a first.

Song playin: Amber by 311
Next person to call: Brad
Cigarettes thus far: 2
Dumb thing said/done: "Man...that guy is such an ass sack."
I couldn't think of a good insult.

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