the ups and downs of my life
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2002-08-30 18:39:26 (UTC)


well today is friday the end of my first day of school.
heres what i think of each of my classes...
English......lots of reading but i think it will be
interseting and my hastey seems funny

Math.......we already had a quiz today and it was
sok isnt as bad as mr mack but we will have to seee how
interesting he can make math

Law.....our teacher is really cool even though she is
supposed to be mean and i really like the subject its very might be a fav class

History...i dont know how hard it will be but i have had
mr less in 8th grade adn hes really not funny even though
he tries to be far its boring but mrs mac might be funny she
was one day but she was really serious today so i dont

studyhall....i have it in the band room and i have it with
jos and colin and its pretty fun

Spanish 2....i think it will be fun this yr because its in
the aft when everyone is awake and this kid named joe is
in my class(not the one from my grade) and he is really hilarious

Chorus....the songs seem easier this yr and it seems like
i can hit the high notes better

we had a class meeting today and we get classrings this
yr....i cant wait

well Thats it today is my 3 day weekend and i have NO
HOMEWORK!!!!!!!! then back to learning for four days then
the weekend and then a full five days...ugh. well
hopefully i willl have fun this weekend.

ill write later