The meanderings of a mind
2002-08-30 18:37:57 (UTC)

sailing away

To hell with writing poetry and songs. I'm jealous of
Aaron for doing them better than me, or I'm pissed off at
everyone that compliments his and doesn't say anything
about mine. Didn't everyone get that friggin email about a
nice word can make someone's day or some shit like that?!
The end of the world must be near at hand because I can
understand my Spanish teacher's spanish more so than his
English and he is ENGLISH!!!!! That is not saying that I
really comprehend the class, but I do shout out a
translation when I hear some familiar word. Why do I get
so excited about knowing an elementary Spanish word.
Palabra. I am lacking. I need more organization in my
life. Maybe this will cut out the fucking nag mail. I
don't want to go home this weekend if I can't work. THat
is like spending 10 dollars in gas and driving myself nuts
for no reason at all. No one will be here anyone, but that
just means noninterupted sleep and studying and a few
dates. Today I am thankful that I found my whiteout. I am
thankful that my feet aren't hurting. I am thankful that
there is no sweat running down my back. And I am thankful
that I haven't poked myself in the eye yet. Now I must
pack up my books so I can attack traffic. But hey, my life
isn't so bad. I'm not complaining.

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