Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2002-08-30 18:20:01 (UTC)

joels life

1. Name: joel travis walker

2. What guys call you: joel lee roth

3. What girls call you: married
4. What your parents/family calls you: do this for me joel

5. Birth City: germany, the country

6. Hospital: yes

7. Time: i don't know

8. Number of times you've moved: a heck of alot

9. Birthday: sept. 3, 1980

10. Age: 22

11. Height: 6'1

12. Weight: 165

13. Blood Type: the colored kind

14. Grade:

15. Classes for next year: sleeping

16. School: i'm done with that crap

17. Siblings (whole/step/half and ages): 3 sisters 2
brother/1 stepbrother and 1 stepsister

18. Parents married or divorced: divorced

19. How is your room decorated: some queen posters, sports
illustrated swimsuit calender. not fancy

20. What kind of cell phone do you have: sure don't

21. Pets: i tried to have some cats, but allergies are too
bad. i love dogs though

22. Screenname(s): yes, i have one

23. What is your eye color: blue, hazelish

24. What is your hair color: brown, work makes me keep it
normal, sux

26. What size shoe do you wear: 11 or so.

SECTION TWO: What's your favorite..........

1. Food: seafood

2. Drink: beer or water

3. Fruit: watermelon

4. Vegetable: okra

5. Color(s): red, blue, black

6. Cologne/perfume: i use candies for men

7. Part of the opposite sex: everything

8. Stuffed animal: i'm not a kid

9. Mall: malls have overpriced stuff.

10. Candle scent: vanilla

11. Store: thrift store, and girls stores.

13. Current song: the whole avril cd

14. Gum: extra mint

15. Movie: princess bride, somewhere in time, labrynth,
grease 2, moulin rouge, signs.

16. Actor: joaquin phoenix

17. Actress: nicole kidman

18. Animal: dog

19. TV channel: vh1, espn

20. TV show: friends, wings, smallville, charmed, snl,
madtv, ed

21. Radio station: 680 a.m. the fan

22. Rapper: Outkast

24. Soundtrack: I am Sam, moulin rouge, grease 2, somewhere
in time

25. Class: literature

26. Article of Clothing: pants

27. Flower: rose

28. Holiday: christmas

29. Day of the week: friday

30. Month: sept.

31. Season: winter

32. City: Atlanta, l.a.

33. State: Ga, cali.

34. Vacation spot: any cool place

35. Age to be: 17

36. College football team: i don't watch college football

37. Comedy: friends

38. Cartoon: i used to love bobby's world

39. Place to drive around: a circle

40. Blanket: the one i use

41. Car: corvette

42. Eye color: blue

43. Hair color: brunette

44. Pen ink color: black

45. Shoes that you own: red girl payless shoes

46. Computer game:

47. Quote: hello cleveland

SECTION THREE: Person who...

1. Is your best friend: my wife

2. You want to go out with: my wife

4. Teases you the most: my dad

5. You hate the most: scene kids also, like matt1.

6. Makes you laugh the hardest: myself

7. Makes you cry: no one really

8. Makes you smile: anyone who's funny and nice

9. ????

10. Has your same clothing style: famous models

11. Is most like you personality wise: i have no idea

12. You lie to: no one

13. Calls you the most: maybe matt1

14. You wish you never met: i'm not sure

15. Wears you out: well, in which way?

16. You love to hate: i can't say

17. You hate to love: n'sync

18. Go to for advice: my friends, family, wife

20. Trust the most: God

21. Care for the most: my family and wife,

22. Love: God, family, wife

SECTION FOUR: Random Questions requiring long answers...

1. How do yah take complements? with a thanks

2. Thing about girls/guys that makes you wanna hug them to
bits: if they hug me

3. Thing you fear more than anything else: that I'll die
really badly

4. Thing that makes you uncomfortable: when i go to get my
paycheck and those people give me some funny looks

5. Pet Peeve: people who don't use turn signals, people who
correct you, when they know they aren't perfect either.

6. Thing you can do that no one else knows about: now,
thats a secret.

7. Thing you dislike about your relatives: i actually love
my relatives.

Last question, I swear, What is the meaning of life: to go
for your dreams and don't let people discourage you into
living a normal life. peace