Something to believe in
2001-07-18 13:12:38 (UTC)

crazy life

I thought this would be a good outlet for me to talk about
some of the things going on in my crazy life. First of all
I am 26 year old female and I feel like I am going threw
some sort of "mid-twenties" crisis. All my friends are
getting married right now, and I have been with the same guy
for nine years who I love very much, BUT since I am getting
no ring or big committment I have been a bad girl. Seeing
other guys and stuff. Some of those other guys are so great
and I think 2 of them over the last year or so have actually
falling in love with me, deeply. I feel bad that I hurt
them, because they are great people, but they new from the
start I had a long term boyfriend that I live with. A few
months ago I met a great, BEAUTIFUL guy at a concert and we
are great friends, I've slept over there and all we did was
snuggle, hes a sweetie, but he seems to have some issues of
his own. And of course we all have those internet loves! I
myself have a sweetie in Texas, who wants to come visit me.
THings are so messed up with me sometimes I hope my prince
will come and rescue me, like right out of a fairy tale. I
think we all want that.