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2002-08-30 16:48:23 (UTC)

Once again another sleepless nite.....!¡!

Grrrrr.....I am so mad at myself...I dunno y but I just
couldn't fall asleep last nite.and while I couldn't sleep
Dave couldn't sleep,and I felt so bad cause he had to work
2day at 9.....but see I had to get up at like the same time
he did cause I was going out to tha ville with Krista to
look around and shit....which I will get to in a min cause
I am pissed....but Grrrr.....ok I went in lyed in bed at
about 2:30...and I didn't fall asleep till like almost
6...and I got up at thats like 2 hours of
sleep...I tried everything my nature music which calms
me,my classical music which calms and sumtimes helps me
fall alseep...didn't work and just kept Dave I
just lyed there till I fell asleep...

so yeah anyways...I get up at like 8 and get to ready to go
get Krista cause we were going out the ville to get our
schedules cause when I registered there the chick told me I
could come in the last week of Augest to get my schedule
and shit,well so we go there 2day,and this chick in the
office said we couldn't get our schedules till
Tuesday...well then y the fuck did u say I could come in
Augest and get u mean I drove all the way out
here for nuthin....fuck u anyways...we are
walking around this damn big ass skewl which is like double
the size of Essex,and we go by the science labs,and there
is this big ass snake in like this glass room sorta
thing...if any of you know me,u know I am terrifed of
snakes...and I took I am gonna have class near
this thing...OMFG I am gonna InSaNe...what happens if they
thing ever got out...omg....don't even get me
started...that thing as to go b4 I ever step foot in that
skewl again....LoL...anyways...should be an intersting day

But anyways...I am extremely tired...and Dave is gonna be
here any time from I am going to sleep,and he
gonna come sleep with me in the its
nice outside and we both need sum sleep...and as for that
tattoo entry last nite...thanx y'all for the messages...and
I have still not yet decided what I am gonna do,but I guess
I gotta figure it out


~*¤*~ Amy ~*¤*~