Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2002-08-30 16:42:39 (UTC)

Dreamings through the night...

Oh so troubling and mysterious the darkness. Where the winds
of change lie at the crossroads of our lives, where the time of
challenges wrought of iron will and stalwart virtue come
together as one. Who among us has the strength to overcome
and beat down the oppresion? Who among us has the moxy to
rise up to the occasion and fight the darkness as it creeps
forward bearing down on us as though a wave crashing on the
rocky shores. I know not who this is, but what I do know is
that when the time comes, some of us, for whom the darkness
has embraced will endure the long roads. I cannot remember the
trembling dreams of yesterday, but as I sit mesmerized in the
sand, looking deeply towards the star kissed horizon, I am
amused by the feckless birds for whom the night sky is all
thiers, to control, to live and breath in, thiers and none other.
Shivering and frost worn the tips of my fingers draw patterns
of stars along the sky, were I able to jump high enough and
hold one in my hand, I would believe the world a happier place
where all whom abide the sacred laws of the elements, are
simply and exactly whom they claim...


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