Princess Of Darkness

Poetry © 2002 Princess Of Darkness
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2002-08-30 15:30:48 (UTC)

8/28/02 (2)

I feel my life
Coming to a halt.

Its nearing the end
I have waited for.
But I dont know
If I want to go.

I've loved and lost
Too many times.
It was you
That made me love again.

You saved my heart,
And as your prize,
I let you keep it
As your own.

Time passed.
Weeks to years.
My love for you,
Only grew more true.

You gave me faith
In love again.
You gave me faith
In life.

As my clock stops ticking,
As my breath begins to halt,
All I need is you
To hold me til I expire.

I need your soft whispers
In my ear.
Love me,
I walk into the light.
Never let me go,
Hold me tight.

I'll look down
From the sky,
And watch over you,
And our life.
Until you join me,
In the sky.

Copyright © 2002 Princess Of Darkness

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