listen to my silences
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2002-08-30 15:13:04 (UTC)

school and other happenings

school: college is oh so much better than high school.
why? no drama. it's great. granted, my schedule isn't
too great what with twelve hour days and eight hour days.
but hey, i don't have class everyday and it rocks. it's so
much more relaxing too.

drama: (the real kind, not the stuff from h.s.) going
wonderfully. it's awesome to be back in it and traveling.
i've missed it so much.

friends: absolutely everybody i know that was in a serious
relationship broke up last week or the week before. it was
crazy. some are getting on my nerves greatly, others i'm
missing like you wouldn't believe. some have a lot of
stuff going on, others have no life so they make others go
insane in having to deal with them. no names mentioned of

me: i got my eyebrow pierced for those of you who haven't
seen it. i've wanted it done since sophomore year but
couldn't get up the courage to do it. so when adrian and i
came back from tennessee (which was the best trip i've ever
taken and i want to go back for a long long time just to
get away from here) she took me to body rites and we got it
done. i love it. everyone else either loves it or hates
it. but i don't care. i love it. my mom and dad freaked
out and dad threatened to throw me out of the house. it
was funny. he didn't throw me out by the way. jon and i
went back out, but broke up again the same week like
everyone else did. the drama trip two weeks ago was fun in
ways and stressful in a lot of others. that's why i was so
relieved to go to tennessee.

i've been in some weird moods lately. i was in one on
tuesday, and then jon came over and surprised me. he took
me to polyfreeze in georgetown to which i had never been.
then we went to waterfront park and played in the
fountains. actually, i was put in the fountains first
because i didn't want to get wet. after that i didn't
care. it was so much fun.

home: sucks. i'm tired of being here and having others
think that they are in control of my life. i can't wait to
move out.

well, that's all for now. oh wait. i got a laptop to use
at school and it's awesome. ok, now that's all. i'm off
to do homework.

final thought: i finally freed myself from you, only to
return because you wouldn't let me stay away. now i want
to go back, but you have chained me to this place. my
freedom is fake, my life yours. i want it back, i don't
want to hurt you. let me go, let me come back on my own.

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