Meshed Up
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2002-08-30 14:32:51 (UTC)


someone told me that my juices are drunk.

is it because of writing too much?

a professional writing teacher told me that my work
('carla') was the best work that he has ever read in his
entire teaching career. so three cheers for me! yay!

but i shall stop now, lest i sound egotistic. just wanted
to write that down so that i'll remember this event when i
grow older and look back to the time when i was a freshman
at the university of melbourne. writing juices are drunk.

a friend's happy too cuz of a conversation with her sister.
after two doses, sister seems more okay. so three cheers
for her and her sister! yay!

i'm not making sense.

tears of a thousand drawn to her sin.

i'm tired. drained emotionally and mentally.

don't know what else to write so i guess i'll end here for
now. tomorrow, when my mind is not pissed, i shall write
more sensibly.

as of now, i am la la la

*dances around*

pfft. i can't even dance. but anyway!

*dances around*

okay gotta get back to doing assignments. ciaoz.