Dirty Fractyl
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2002-08-30 13:40:05 (UTC)

Good things I did yesterday

I did good things yesterday:

1) had a good SS interview
2) presented research to my old calculus teacher who is
going to aide me in my work involving dynamics
3) presented same research to my old biology I & II teacher
who is equally as interested
4) successfully impressed boss who will conduct my interview
5) visited Mrs. Kelley and gave her the copy of my book
(Unsacred Doctrines) that is for her
6) visited Dr. McCord who is actually proud of me despite
my seeming lack of direction
7) secured today's plans to visit the gym and obtain a
membership to begin lifting weights regularly and train
this untrained muscle in my shoulders and biceps
8) began work on a new novel called 2104 (you'd never guess
it is set 102 years in the future by the title, would you?)
9) finalized energy plan for a natural energy house
10) designed a solar powered hybrid energy bicycle
11) designed a tentative plan for a solar powered hang
gliding plane
12) wrote some cool word twisting message about life
13) slept for 7 hours

There, lucky 13.

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