2002-08-30 13:00:43 (UTC)

welll uhhhh..

ummmm last night i ate 2 Peanut Butter N Jelly sandwiches.
they where yummy. i was eating them while i was watching
the VMA awards. which i was happy bout. half of the people
i wanted to win n award won. yay! my are still hurts. the
doc said it's only a reaction, n not to worry, but im
worrying. n it hurts really much, it hurts so much that
last night my sis tapped it n i started to cry. right now i
fucking hate my lil sis Taylor cuz she's crying cuz my dad
left 4 work. wa a nag, ahhh i can't take the whinning. n
she keeps on buggin g my IGuana, i kno this thing is going
to die really fast, she keeps putting her Ugly fucking face
against the cage n screaming at it, i tell her to stop n
she keeps on fucking doing it again. wa a bored today is
going to b. i think im going ot go to Danny's house n do
stuff, or just sit on my lazy ass n do nothing today. wa a
bored. fuck. all the people on my buddy list have there
away messages on. well right now it's 8:75 in the morning n
im so fucking tired. i have an headach n i don't know wa to
do right now, or today.again wa a bored. i think im going
to do my profile over again. i guess i will come back on in
the afternoon.