DayDream Believer
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2002-08-30 08:31:46 (UTC)

You`re perfect

Tommy that is..
Oh, everygirl should have a boy like him, I``ll do anything
to make him happy, but he says that he allready is. "I got
everything a guy can ask for he sais, Im happy".

Yesterday was a really nice day, hard but good. I had only
four houes of classes that day, so I went to the gym
afherwards. Im still on the pill, and in the beginning of
each plate of pill`s I get side effects. So I started to
feel sick allready the first day, man. But I had allmoast
finished my work out before I started to feel sick, but
then it was so bad that I had to stop.

Then I took the buss into the city, went to work, Dante
Remember how I told you that I was angry with him or so?
Well, Im stil. So I was just pretending that he wassnt

argh. lost the rest of the entery, write more later