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2002-08-30 06:59:39 (UTC)

Hmm well its late i dont got a topic

Hey o! I just got done watching the VMAs on MTV.....I mean
I have some likes and dislikes....Major like was Kelly
Osbourne she was the best dressed and she's so cute!! hehee
^_^...anyways the TLC thing where they came on stage was
sad..i cried..and i hardly ever cry! The justin timberlake
thing WAS SO STUPID i laughed so hard! he is trying to be
like Michael Jackson or something! hes not black he dont
look good doin the moonwalk come on! anyways Michael
Jackson did come on stage and he looked paler than ever....
GUNS N FUCKING ROSES!!!!! YEAH!! I loved that! And of
course The Hives, and The Vines kicked ass...Avril Lavinge
won a award which is totally deserved shes awesome! I hate
EMINEM even more than i did before! hes racist especially
with that song White white and i dont support
him. Anyways i dont like Moby either he trys so hard to be
cool. just be yourself dood! AND OMG did Britney Spears and
Christina Aguilera whatever totally look like SLUTS!!!!!
GEEZUS! Christina is tryin to act all urban and black with
her messed up weave and Britney was tryin to pull off the
old Janet Jackson look!! Gwen Steffani was hot as usual i
loved her skirt thing, and P!NK was HOTTTT HOTT major! and
Shakira was ok, that was some killer belly dancing that she
did! anyways....did i mention I LOVEEEEEEEEE KELLY
OSBOURNEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEA!!!
okies well i think i should go to bed.

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