Mandy Kay

Tales of Life as a Good Girl
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2001-07-18 08:18:43 (UTC)

He's a Drama QUEEN

Current music: None, just the drone of my POS comp.
Current mood: You know who has been put on the hit list.
So, I tell Noemi about the ordeal with you know who.
She starts freaking out and then tells me this whole story
about he wants to hook up with her b/c her and her loser
boyfriend are finally not together, thank goodness.
I feel like a DUMBASS! Did he use me after all? I
dunno, I liked it, I know he did. :) Friends with
benefits is not sounding bad right now, maybe not him
though maybe someone else. Hehe that's so gross huh. But
maybe him, it's not like either of us have anyone else on
the back burner. I still think we would work out if he
gave it a chance. He's just a dumbass. But I am a dumbass
too for letting him get away with it. I wish he'd just
quit thinking with his dick and be the nice guy I know he
is. What a drama queen...king? No I was right the first
time. This is not the PMS talking, it's a genuine rage..he
needs to learn not to treat my feelings and me like that.

Whatev, fuck it. I'm the best thing he ever lost.