Finding my Light
2002-08-30 06:06:37 (UTC)

I Really Dislike Some Boys

This one guy, jonathan, that I wanted to chill with me
on thursday, but I canceled on him. I just didn't have a
good feeling about chillen with him. When I called to
cancel he was cool with it, but after a little while of
talking to him, he began to ask me questions. He kept on
asking if I would ever be his girlfriend again. Of course
I said no. There was no way I was going back to that
abuse! Anyway he got upset and told me that I needed him
in my life! I couldn't believe it and to add to it he
asked with I was with anyone. I told him that there was a
man in my life that I really cared for and he said that he
would steal me away anyway (Nick) and said that who ever he
was he didn't stand a chance against him! I was so-o
pissed off at him. I told him to stop talking like that
and that he didn't have a chance in hell on stealing me.
He just laughed and said that within a few weeks he was
going to make me his.
At that point I couldn't take it anymore. I told him
that him that no one compared to my man (Nick) and that
there was nothing he could do to make me leave you for
him. He just laughed and said whatever. Why is he going
after me? He doesn't know me anymore. Romiah says that
the main reason why Jonathan is going after me is because
of Nick. Jonathan knows that when I love or care for
someone deeply nothing can pull me away from him and if he
took me away from Nick it would make him look good.
Today though went pretty good. Romiah, me, and our
friend Tiffany all went to one of our malls. We all had a
fun time. We messed around in the dressing room and
basically being loud as hell. We then began to decide what
type of Winter Formal dress we wanted. Romiah already has
her dress picked out. I know I want my dress to be steel
blue, but that's it. Oh my goodness I found out that
Romiah and I might be missing our Homecoming dance! Yeah
our school might have it during the time we are all in
Havasu. At least we went miss Winter Formal though.
School starts next thursday for us. I can't wait. I
actually want school to start. LOL It was funny when I
went to register. During my junior year all my guy friends
thought I couldn't dress more revealing, but I did. LOL
They alwasy made fun of me because I dressed sexy almost
all the time, but when it came to guys coming up to me and
thinking I would do stuff, I would totally put them in
their place. For my senior year I'm going to act and dress
however the way I want. Romiah thinks it's good that I've
become more of a bitch each year.