sexypeople only ,,,, my life
2001-07-18 08:07:20 (UTC)

my life me,myself,and I

hi my name is amanda iam 12,13 on dec,2 iam single waiting
for the right guy to come sweep me away (like that is ever
going to happen) well this is me i live in portland oregon
i just moved to portland iam going to go to firnwood jr
high next year i hope to meet new friends (boys)well here
are my shout outs
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*SHOUS OUTS*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
1.dan-dan(one of my good good friend his mom calls me her
douter and i call her mom and dan dan brother and of corse
pueblo cant for get him)
2.riki( a great friend ive known for 2 years she is like my
big sis and i will love her for ever and ever i call her
mom my mom and she thinks of mre as her douther too thank u
teressa) mom ~*~GRACE~*~(my mom died last year from an
opperation at provodence hospital i luv u mom and i always
willand thank u for everything u have done for me iam
really really thank full to have a mom like u ~*~THANK U~*~) grandma ~*~MARIE~*~my grandma died last year i miss u
she died of old age iam sorry i was never there for u if i
could i would take it all backi sorry i just want u to know
that i luve u ~*~I LUV U~*~) dad ~*~JOE~*~ he died last year of a heart attack last
year i miss u thank u for always giving me money, and
taking me out to eat i luv u soo much u were the best dad
any one could ever have thank u) dog ~*~SOPIA~*~ my dog that died last year got hit by
a car iam soo sorry i miss u i luv u baby girl) older brother ~*~SAM~*~ the one that is taking care of
me and my brother michael thank u for putting up with me
and michel, sam u are the best brother any one could ever
have u are just like your father i luv u) 2nd oldest brother michael ~*~MICHAEL~*~ well ......
what is there to say,,,, no j/p wel michael is michael u
can be nice,mean,kind,sweet, i dunno but i luv u and i know
u love me deep in side and i luv u even tho i don't act
like it and i alwazs will i just want u to know that of my best friends~*~ANDREA~*~ thank u for always
being there for me i really appreciat it thnk u soo much:()
10. my good friend ~*~JOHN KING~*~ i hope we could go out
some time soon cause i really like u i do really but i just
hope u can see it b/c i do ive never liked a boy as much as
i like u soo "will u go out with me" plz)
11.a friend of the family ~*~TONY SAMPLE~*~ i liked tony
(liked) well he is just a friend now but thnk u for every
thing tony i really appericiate it really i do thank u :))
12.~*~erica~*~ a great friend some times she can be a bitch
but not all the timebut i still luv her :)
13.~*~RACHEL L~*~ iam her gradion angel i hope rachel i luv
u and i always willi promise i will even if iam mean to u i
will always luv u O:-))
14.~*~ANNA~*~ i luv u too more then any one becouse when me
and some one where in a fight even if that some onr was one
of your best friends u would always have my back that whats
one of the things i loved about u soo thank u soo much i
hope i see u this summer
15.~*~ERIC~*~ well what can i say about u u are a great
friend to me and every one sorry i dident come to your
birthday oarty i will make it up to u i promise ok
16.~*~ALEX~*~ i have nothing to say about u cause u are
just a plain ass hole)
17.~*~CASEY~*~ a nice friend thank u)
18.~*~ORY~*~ u know u are still my baby ~*~BOY~*~ and u
always will be soo no worrys ok cal me when u get home
19.tony samples mom u have always been ther for me thank u
sooo soooos soooo much i luv u and i always will think u

iam hoping to see all of my friends at the
hillsbro HOOP on friday aight weel peace out i hope u like