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2002-08-30 05:08:17 (UTC)

started school

I started school yesterday. Its so different, its wierd. I
cant describe it really, its new teachers and new ways of
learning--my classes are more interesting and not so text
book per say. People are all around cool. I'm friends with
a lot of 'popular' people too, which is hella strange.They
want me to sit with them in classes and hang out with them
at lunch and are telling me about whats going on for the
weekend, although I'll steer clear of that. I think it has
a lot to do with cheerleading but I don't know. I think
since cheerleading this year,I've taken the attitude that
people are gonna think what they want anyways so screw it.
I've just been myself completely around them and low and
behold they like me much more than when I was trying to be
something I wasn't. I don't hang out with them all the time
though, today me and Alissa walked around and talked to
everyone and that was cool. I saw Mia for like 10 minutes
at the end. She's being a brat lately but whatever. I see
Luke on the way to classes and he walks me to 3 or 4, he's
so fuckin adorable. I hung out w/ him yesterday after
school and then took him and his friend home. We had a lot
of time to talk which was good. I was hanging out with
Stacie before practice tonight and the boys were just
finishing practice so he came and said hey b4 he left and
then when I came home tonight he had called a couple times.
Good old caller ID. This year is looking like it'll be very

I started on diet pills yesterday and all together since I
last wrote I lost 7.5 pounds. I'm eating around 500
calories and it's good cause the pills are an appitite
supressant which helps me a lot. I'm on the right track I
think. I'm doing all my work in school (i know it's been 2
days, but I had a shit load of hw. both) and I'm keeping
orginized, and I've been on time for school, practice,
work, everything. I feel so in control in every area,
although I would like the weight to come off faster, but I
know that probably wont happen--I'll write tomarrow-Ang