De-Tet-aCh Memoir
2001-07-18 07:54:57 (UTC)


17th July 2001 Tuesday 0107hrs

Skipped b/f again this morning…juz wanna lay longer in bed
before the 1st lesson in Sociology….by the time I was
almost ready…yoke leng appeared at the door… looking
shocked to see me still in my sleeping attire…heheh…I got
dressed quickly and joined her.. we soon arrived at kirk
building where prem, our fellow Singaporean, joined us in
the lecture..Prem is oso doin Film Studies in Vic. The
lecture soon started and Sociology is not easy at all!!!!
We havta do 2 essays as part of the course requirements.
One is to choose between the theories of Karl Marx/Max
Weber/Emile Durkheim and wirte a 1500 essay..The other is a
free topic on any sociology ideas…2500word… Both essays
take up 50% of the Final Grade…yikes!!!!…sucks man…how come
I havta write so many essays hrere??? For Software project
and now this…all so essay based..damm I tink I’m in for a
hard time….

Me and YL went to the library to settle some computer
issues when we bumped into Young and Sandy again. It’s like
a mini reunion at the library.. Young is looking smart as
usual, wit his long white jacket, the usual director-style
fashion. He mentioned that he wants to change course
because he is the onli Asian in the class of foreigners…so
he feels uneased..

Lunch was croissant with ham….not bad…..have 3 hrs after
lunch so I took my time….. went to the library to check
mail and update diary again…. Before my AI lecture in the
late afternoon.. My AI lecturer is from China, but her
english accent is still understandable..Infact she
presented the topic rather well… got most of the students
interested in it at the end….so pretty effective I’ll
say`…. Met Greg at AI lecture again. Greg is a Bachelor of
Philosophy doin an Advance Diploma in Comp Sci.. he’s also
my Software project classmate.

After the lecture, I came across this poster about a talk
on internsship in USA this evenin…Overseas IA..i thot…so I
went for the talk… Yup it wuz quite interesting but I was
not sure whether I that guy Lance promised to
find out for me and email me soon… it’s abit of a wild plan
but guess I’ll give it s shot 1st..

Because I went for the talk, I was late for dinner again…
damm…..went downtown to Burger king for a quick meal…muz
stop missin dinner from now…. At nite..went over to Ben’s
room where the whole gang was there again… tok cock for
some time as well as surf the net till around midnite…I oso
finalised my s/w project choices…after dat..I was soo
sleepy then…

Ended up in my room soon after…tomoro’ll be a free day for I’ll take the time to settle some admin