De-Tet-aCh Memoir
2001-07-18 07:53:52 (UTC)

Day Uno

16th July 2001 Monday 0101hrs

Almost couldn’t make it for breakfast today.. at the dining
hall..onli peilin and seyan were there..the rest have gone
to their morning lectures… toasted too much bread…hadta
gorge myself on toasts : P

Well basically I am free for the whole day until 1700hrs
that’s when my software project lecture starts… se yan and
yoke leng have arranged to meet in the late morning to go
and settle the IRD stuff..basically the IRD (Inland Revenue
Department) taxes on our savings account here…so if we do
not go and apply for a numbner, the tax is a whopping 39%
…. Phew…. We oso went to the National Bank of New Zealand
to open a safe deposit envelope for storing of our air
tickets..been a long time since I entered a bank vault..oso
talked to the bank assitant..she’s eagerly awaiting her
holiday to Singapore end of this year.. From her
description, it seemed she realli enjoyed her previous
visit to Singapore…hmmmmm…..

Well that done, we made our way back for lunch…it wuz a
rainy day so the 3 of us hadta walk around in our hoods…
both of em said I looked weird..cos my hood is
pointed..that makes me look like ultraman : P ..lunch were
meatpies…and all of em were back from morning lessons…
seems that YL’s class size was onli 6… still more than my
TECH module with onli 5 students… : P ..anyway, Ben invited
me to crash the Data Structure lecture ..since I had nuthin
to do…I followed him there…

There are many 1st year students takin dat course…
Surpisrinly in Vic, the ratio of Ang Mohs to Asians is
quite even… guess most of the asians are in Auckland and
Australia instead.. The lecture was boring….as expected…but
the lecturer began straight with Big-O notation…and
analysis of algorithm…yikes…. Brings back nitemares huh…..
Oso he flashed a transparancy with a warning “Computers are
dangerous to Health” and advised students to take the
necessary precautions…. How come NUS neber warn us huh : P

After it ended, I went to the Recreation Centre and signed
up for swimming and bowling…onli $2 per cpourse.. quite

I made my way to the library where I scanned some photos to
the webpage plus update the online diary..finally…that took
me up to 1700hrs where I went for the Software Project
lesson..There I met Greg, a Bachelor in Philosophy, now
taking an Advance Diploma in Computer Science , doin the
same module with well as A.I. Apparantly he works in
the day and can onli attend the lesson at night… at 1700hrs…
the sky was fast turning dark.. soon all 40 odd students
arrived…onli a speckle of Asians… the lecturer soon came…
explained the requirements of the project and gave

The software project here seems to have a different
emphasis . the final prodcut is onli worth 10%. What counts
more is the teamwork: Apprasials , and report writing… Each
student is supposed to write an essay documenting what has
taken place in the course of doin the proect…that’s worth
30%!!!… the group mark is worh 55% and the last 15 comes
from a weekly diary which we muz update frequently… quite
different huh….but the 1st report is due end next
week..yikes…. betta put my BTC skills to use…

Also, the course has a lecture everyweek where they will
introduce new techonologies or invite guestspeakers from
companies to talk… The project clients are either companies
in Wellington or departments in Vic… Because they want to
simulate a real enviroment, we are not allowed to choose
our group members..Instead they will assign us the group
and peoject based on our answers in a questionaire provided…

Vic oso has the equivalent of our IVLE. It’s called
BlackBoard…sounds familiar..think NTU is using that too
rite?? Anyway it’s developed by a commercial company I tink…
cant beat our in-house product huh??

Lesson finally ended at 1900hrs…yikes…missed my dinner
oradi…plus it’s freezing cold outside tonite…I had a horrid
walk back to Weir House cos it’s so cold….as expected the
dining hall was closed and I decided to take the cable car
down to Lambton Quay for burgers at Macs…. Now the sky is
already pitch-black…..

At the station I met 2 Weir House personnel whose first
question was “Do you watch Big Brother?” huh??? Apparently
big brother is the survivor clone where a few pple are
locked ina big house for 3 months and they vote each other
off… apparantly this guy is upset that his fave gal was
voted off.. : P

Dinner was the Monday Special at Macs…2 cheeseburgers plus
fries and drink for 4.25…sianz… hadta eat macs on such a
cold nite and in such an isolated place… at this time, the
whole street is desserted…even the restaurant is half-
closed…luckily it’s onli beside the cable car station…

Went back to Weir House soon and went to ben’s room to
surf..dat guy is still quite blur on hs subjects…and I tink
his command of english may be a big handicapp to him ..hope
he improves quickly here…. Tried also to salvage se Yan’s
computer to detect her network card…but to no avail…after
almost 2 hrs…I gave up..went back to room…shower…and here I
am. Typing…

Okie..more lessons tomoro…cya then