Dear God Shoot ME!
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2001-07-18 07:53:27 (UTC)


I hope that i have a future in the entertainment business,
I dont really know what, I like acting...but i like
directing hmmmm I have no clue what im gonna do after high
school. I dont want to go to a regular college, I would
much rather go to an acting school. you know the kind where
in the end of the program you do a performance and agents
will see you act and decide if they want your business.
That would be awesome. There is only one thing im
absoulutely sure leaving home the moment i get that gonna hop into my car and move to wherever my
life will flourish the best....alot of ppl say that they
are gonna be succesful and end up not being...I dont want
to end up like that. Im just wondering about the USA I know
im gonna live in newyork...but I dont know do I have to go
there find a job come back to canada then go back
again...If so that will be very expensive....ah well...what
can you do.