De-Tet-aCh Memoir
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2001-07-18 07:52:58 (UTC)

Return of the Kiwis

15th July 2001 Sunday 2358hrs

Today, managed to wake up on time for b/f : P. DJ was gone
early in the morning for work so I made my way quickly to
the dining hall juz in time b4 the cooks keeps the food.
Did I mentioned that there was a minor earthquake a nite
ago?? At first I thot I was trembling…. Turned out the bed
was the one shaking…hmmm..luckily it’s not a big one

Being Sunday, the Christians wanted to go to the church for
their Sunday Service, so Yoke Leng and Ben went to the
church at Coutenay Place with Joanne, a Law Scholar from
Malaysia, while for me , I went back to my room to do my
laundry again…was lazing around on my bed soon after…
staring out at the beautiful coastlines… soon henry came
knockin on my door… to refresh…henry is DJ’s roomate who is
also singaporean…before he left Vic to study at another
university here..Massey Uni…so I took over his place here…
anyway, he was feelin bored and so came over for a chit-
chat… I chatted wit him for almost an hour…tokin about
mostly Singaporean stuff and future plans…I figured after I
grad…most prob I’ll start workin for around 3 years before
goin overseas for a master’s course..i tink goin overseas
is definitely beneficial in terms of networkin and
exposure… costly though….

Well lunch was spagghetti with bacon and eggs..with french
toast…quite okay, soon I was joined by ‘Uan and Co. YL and
Ben were back soon after and all of us agreed to go visit
the French Navy Warship which docked in Wellington
yesterday. It is FOC openhouse so we decided to go down to
Queen’s Wharf to check it out. The 8 of us, me, Ben, YL,
Anson, ‘Uan, huiwen, xiuxiu and kun yao set off, by cable
car down to Lambton Quay again b4 walkin to the wharf…
Wellington is realli a small city…almost everything is
within walking distance…. Which is good unless u havta
climb the slopes…which are realli steep and windy

The French Ship was called Verdemine…or sumthin like dat…
It is not very big…we spent about an hour exploring the
ship and taking photographs. We then make our way down to
the wharf…checked out the Kayak/Rock Climbing Adventure
shop by the shore… then decided to get ice-cream to eat in
the cold weather : P heheh…it was quite a sight with all of
us eating freezing ice cream in a windy cold
thing good is dat the ice cream dun melt easily : P

We then decided to go down to Te Papa again since some of
us have not visited it yet.. Took some simulator rides and
then checked out lvel 4.. with the Versace Exbition…but we
do not wanna pay for it…so we juz walked about admirin the
beautiful exhibits… It’s a wonder how Te Papa can keep its
admission free while maintaining such high quality,
interactive exhibits…All visitos to Wellington must visit
Te Papa as it’s truly worldclass . We visited this exhbit
called the Golden Days…it is basically a TV screening of NZ
hisitory…but we are seated in these retro looking chairs of
different designs…in an olden days junk shop setting…
everythig in front of us can move… the junks in the shop
seems to be alive while the movie clip is showinh…it’s a
realli wonderful multimedia experience… best of all, it’s
free : P

Well, at this moment we still have not bought Se Yan
present… the others left to catgch dinner first while me
and YL went into the gift shop at Te Papa to buy Se Yan’s
gift.. We finally chosen one chilli in vinegar bottle
decoration looks rather beautiful and the shop
assitant did a great job wrapping the present up. We then
rushed to catch the cable car up as it’s quite a distance
away from Te Papa.. When we finally reach the station, my
buddy DJ was there as well. He has juz knocked off from
work and was also trying to catgch the dinner back at Weir
House.. Fortunately we made it back juz in time before the
cook keeps the food (again : P) dinner was roast chicken
wit rice…sesning some kindof repitiion… then halfway thru
the meal… seyan announced it was her b’day and she has
baked a cake for us to eat..this gal can realli cook : we preseneted her wit the present and sang her a
song. Her cake was so much more delicious than the
tasteless dessert we had : P

After dinner, I went to YL room to help Se Yan set up her
computer. But her system has some missin driver files which
I need to download from the Windows CD . Wade is not back
at that time when I went back to AB House.. so nothing
done..YL finally got access to ICQ and the internet from
her room after some help froom Joanna and she was
ecstatic.. Finally she can talk to her bf Jermemy back
home : P

I then went to Willy/Mona’s room at F floor to help em wit
their computer prob…together wit DJ and Stanley, who’s
leavin Weir House to live in a suburb wit cheaper rent…he
has a car anyway… got to know mona and willy (they’re a
) betta in the process.. Ben and Amber then passed by the
room and joined us. It was quite crowd inside..As usual,
all of us were jokin and talkin non-stop… The Kiwis have
also came back from their hometown and all levels were
rather filled wit pple and noisy now.. They also pinned up
some hilarious deco along the corridors and most of em are
quite frenly… There’s this weird person who bought 3
cartons of ABC beer and left em outside his room…hmmmm….

In the end, I ended up in Ben’s room as he wanted to borrow
my laptop to check his mail. DJ and Stanley followed..we
were joined by xiuxiu and kunyao… spent more time chattin
there for almost an hour…I finally am able to get online
into ICQ!!! Met matthew there and tok to him for
awhile..too bad I did not have more time to stay online….

Anywya, here I am back in the room after a shower…DJ is
still busy surfin…. Tomoro’s the 1st day of school…cant
wait to meet my classmates…cya later …

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