De-Tet-aCh Memoir
2001-07-18 07:52:06 (UTC)

Lazy Day

14th July 2001 Saturday 2330hrs

Well it’s a lazy Saturday for most of us today, after a
hearty b/f of…… toast again…me and Yoke leng decided to go
joggin at Kelburn Park, finally after procrastinating for
so long. Before that, we had a game of fooseball of Anson
and Ben, which we won : P . Got back to my room for a while
and cleaned the floor. Nice Saturday morning to be doin
housework, enjoyin my new CD and the view out, fantastic as

More housework and lazin around, and I soon joined YL at
the park.. fine weather to be joggin …but we can onli
manange 2 rounds the park. On the field, it was pretty
crowded with a rugby game and soccer training on-going,
looks like the local here enjoy spendin their Saturday
mornings wit sport. It’s quite a crowd there at Kelburn
park. After joggin and an attempt at the swings in the
children’s playground, we went for lunch. Lunch was Stir-
fry mee!!! Abit too salty thouugh… met Amber and the rest
and we planned to go for a movie iin the evenin at 1st…but
the plan fell thru after YL felt ill later in the evening

Anyway we went to the Student Computing Suite (SCS) at the
main campus to get our laptop re-configured for the network
here. Matt, the Law/Commerce double major student from
Lower Hutt , offered to do mine too even though my appt is
on Sunday . He’s a realli nice guy, we chatted while he’s
following th step-by-step instructions to re-configure my

Finally we can access the internet using our laptops!!! But
it’s very costly though… $0.25 per MB of usage…. Realli NUS
is too good to us : P Color printin at the labs here cost
$1.95 per page , B/W at $0.10 per page….horrendous prices….
Well matt was soon done, and we thank him b4 leavin…Kiwis
are realli nice pple huh….

More slackin in my room..Finallly saw Stanley with his new
blue Nissan car…not bad…at $2k it’s a steal.. Feelin bored,
I went over to Ben,s room to chat, Anson was there too. We
tok abt gals again plus the usual exchange of
culture..Anson is onli a year younger than me..very
surprising, cos he looks like a kid.. : P Anyway his gf is
arrviing soon and he’s alreadi makin plans. I realli enjoy
these little chats wit my foreign frens

Dinner was an unchewable beef roll with rice…yucks… but the
corn saves the day…phew..more banter wit the usual gang and
we’re off to the SKYTV room. We oso borrowed the billiard
equipment to play at the snooker room and it lasted almost
2 hrs while the rest watched the SKYJMovie channel showin
some comedy..more new frens made at pool, Firu from India,
William from Marshalls’ Isle , somewhere in between
Austrailia and Hawaii, Pram from Singapore!!, and Sanado
from Maldives… inteereing combition of pple playing pool
together huh???

After pool, I went over to seyan room and was treated to
her home made sweet potato soup.yummy… tomoro’s her bday…
muz remember to get her sumthin…..21st sommore…. YL was
desperate to get online as usual..the room connection does
not seem to be workin. So I went down to the PC room to
check..fortunately the pts there are workin.. there are no
n/w pts at AB house where I stay…booohooow…Ben was there
too, askin me for advice wit his course…I can understand
how confused he muz be and tried my best to advise
him….hope I dun give him the wrong advice…surfing finally
but no ICQ yet… fiinished abt 1 hr later and it’s back to
my room where DJ juz returned from work, tired out…this guy
is realli scrimping and workin for his $$$…awfully smart
too…. Anyway we toked abit and I went to shower…..sleepin
time…more updates tomoro…