2001-07-18 07:32:11 (UTC)

My fault

Victoria finally got out of the nuthouse. (litterally) She
called me while bobby was here.She was wispering because
she wasn't supposed to call me. All of a sdden she hung up.
The next day She called and said she could talk to me
whenever she wanted to. She hd moved out of her
grandmother's house and was living with her aunt and
mother.We talk on the phone several times every day. Then
about a week later i went over to her house. i stayed for
about 30 minutes then we decided to go to the skating rink.
I thout it didn't close til ten but when wegot there it was
about to close so i asked Victoria if she wanted to go
walking. She said yes. We decided to walk to patsy's house
but she wasn't there so we walked back to victoria's. when
we got there her mom was standing outside. She said she
gave us one chance. She had called the skating rink and
found out that it had closed at nine. Then she walked up
there and we weren't there. She said that we had
intentionally lied to her about what time it close but
she's wrong i really did think it closed at ten. She tried
to call our house but noone was there. Then she actually
called the cop's and they said to call child wellfare. She
asked me my grandmother's name and i panicked cause i knew
my grandmother would be asleep and wouldn't listen to me
and would just yell atme. I hesitated and sherri said "I
wouldn't believe you anyway" as if i were an escaped
convict or something. She took me home and i have a feeling
victoria hates me now. She had just gotten out of trouble
and just because i suggested going for awalk she was in
trouble again. I have never done anything to mke her mother
not trust me. I make good grades. I babysit. i cook. i
clean. I've never done anything illegal. I'm waiting to
have sex until i know i'm ready for the consequinces of
having a baby. I'm cristian. And untill Victoria came along
i was a geek who got walked all over. But she taught me
that i'm somebody and i'm important and THAT ATTITUDE DOES
MATTER. When i'm with her i think i can do anything.
Victoria, If you read this please forgive me. I love you.