2001-07-18 06:33:59 (UTC)

My new look...

Missed a day or two here already so I don't suppose I am
off to such a good start. I am a procrastinator but the
good news is my life is not exactly the epitome of
excitement so I didn't have a lot to say anyway. What I
have been up to and chose to write/type about is my attempt
once again to transform myself with a new look. I am a Leo
and Leo's have a tendency to be constantly reinventing
themselves- Take Madonna for example. I definately have
that trait. I've had so many different hair colors and
styles...it's crazy. The past year or so my look has been
rather girl next doorish , straight long hair dyed brown,
casual clothes like jeans and midlength skirts, but I have
now tired of that and am going for a bolder , sexier style.

I've lost a little weight. I basically stay within 10
pounds of what I weigh now. I watch my weight pretty close.
I've been exercising more and trying to be careful what I
eat. I also cut my hair, well I should say had my hair cut.
They took off about 5 inches. It looks pretty good but I am
still not used to it. Next I am coloring it hopefully
copper with blonde streaks. Plus I've bought some new
clothing items that are a little more figure flattering. So
hopefully soon I will look in the mirror and say
transformation complete.

There are people who don't understand why I am always
trying new looks but it makes perfect sense to me. It's
just like trying new foods or painting your walls. The same
old thing gets boring after a while. A change in anything
can really give you a instant mood lift. So once again I am
midway through a reinvention..we'll have to wait and see
how it turns out and how long this look lasts. :)