No Matter How Hard I Try...
2002-08-30 01:56:29 (UTC)

sorry wont fix anything

what LeeAnn wrote me:

FYI... your father contributes little to no money to this
family. He will be with you soon enough. I am sorry that i
have caused all of your problems ,truly I am. He told me he
was divorced when I met him . I was stupid.

What I wrote back:

He will not be with me soon becasue my mom will not let him
back in this house. So, you don't need to worry about him
running back to us. He'll still be alone. I hate to say it,
but I tried to stop you and my father from marrying and you
both ignored me and told me I was stupid. Think about how
much better life would be if you two would have consider an
outsiders point of view. All of this over the past year and
a half for nothing. A sorry can't fix what you've caused.
Whether you knew it or not he was married and you did take
him from us, I tried to tell you that and now I know why
you doubted me. We were also left with nothing because he
tried to cater to you until he no longer could. A sorry
cannot fix the broken hearts and devistation. A sorry can't
take back tears and pain and the lost time in our lives. If
you would have just listened you would have known this
before hand. A sorry won't fix anything.


As Jessica said "She must be smoking something to think
that a sorry would make up everything that's happened"