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2002-08-30 01:29:54 (UTC)


Ok...well many of u know I used 2 have a tattoo on my lower
back that said Tequila Princess with viney lil flowers all
around it...and I had a whole bunch of pircings...and most
u also know that I got rid of my tattoo and most of my
pircings and I kept my nipple pircings,ears,and belly
button the rest are gone....

well I am was talking to Bran 2day...and he was telling me
how he is finally going to get that tattoo that we have all
heard about for so long 2morrow nite.He wants me to go with
him and get my new,which has a lot more meaning than
tequila princess!And u see I have drawin up for me,one
which a butterfly,and angel sitting on in a lil fairy sorta
world on a flower,which has a very deep meaning to me
behind it,some of you may know,that my Grandma drew me that
pic b4 she passed away.and I want that one where my old one
was on my lower back,but when I got the last one removed
they told me to do anything there for 4 months,well it has
almost been 4 months,but no quiet,so I guess it really
wouldn't make a diff,but I am not sure,so I am not sure if
I wanna get it done yet.But I do have another design its in
chinease writing,and it says love,hope,peace,and prosparity
which I want to go around my left ankle but I am not sure
about that,so the thing about this one is I am not sure
where I want it,which pervents me from getting it done.

so yeah I would apprciate sum input on this one.Just send
me a message,tell me what ya think I should do.

luv ya,