2001-07-18 05:43:57 (UTC)

Explanation on Animals and Man

~the the audience of my views
I do hint at things and prehaps do not explain things well
but that is the point of all this. I know what my thoughts
are, you are ment to think on it. Change your own ideas
these are mine you have your own. But still I must make
clear the animal to man I hint at. Animal being an
unfinised self and the Man being the socity's view of
perfection. that word is prehaps to strong. acceptance
would be the word. The animal becoems it's idea as a man.
I do not claim to know all the answers and I am not
speaking as if I have becaome my ideal becasue I do not
think I will ever reach it. I simpley have found that I
can solve riddles of others where as mine goes unanswered.
If that answers or confuses you further I may never know.

from the stage
yours to ponder over

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