just me
2001-07-18 05:42:39 (UTC)

IM ~~ 7/17-18/01

Justmer3102: how are your songs going?
shaggmad: shitty... i am stuck
shaggmad: but i'm just gonna give it a rest and start
Justmer3102: good call
Justmer3102: busy?
shaggmad: just cleaning up the music before i put it away
Justmer3102: ahh, good, good
Justmer3102: so are you up to talking to Richmond's
hottest coffeehouse singer?!
shaggmad: i am indeed
Justmer3102: I'll tell you, the crowd tonight was really
shaggmad: i'm assuming thats you right?
Justmer3102: noooooooo
Justmer3102: yeah it is
Justmer3102: []
shaggmad: ok good
Justmer3102: lol
shaggmad: how did you do?
Justmer3102: Personally I think I rocked. I got a lot of
positive feedback, and the owner came in halfway through my
set and at the end he asked me to come back again!
Justmer3102: Who knows maybe I'll be discovered sometime
shaggmad: thats so sweet
Justmer3102: I like it! Do you do anything like this?
shaggmad: our shcool has this thing called "cafe" and you
try out with any song you want and if you make it you get
to perform in front of a pretty big crowd of people... and
me and my buddies did "its gonna be me" with the dance and
everything (we had a girl teach us the dance) and they
loved it, so we did some restaurants
shaggmad: and we did 2 little girl's bday parties
Justmer3102: wow!
Justmer3102: that's awesome
Justmer3102: maybe you could be a cover band
Justmer3102: or tribute band
shaggmad: well i'd rather just have my own mand
shaggmad: band too
Justmer3102: lol
Justmer3102: yeah I know what you mean
Justmer3102: I do covers right now, but I hope I can get
my head together to make my own songs, you know
shaggmad: yeah...well those poems are sweet
Justmer3102: I've done a couple new songs, but they are
ones that my friend writes, he plays while I sing,
Justmer3102: thanks! I don't really think so but thank
Justmer3102: what about you?
shaggmad: what about me?
Justmer3102: when do I get to read your stuff?
shaggmad: well i gotta finish some of it
Justmer3102: alright, I guess you're off the hook
shaggmad: wheew
Justmer3102: but I do expect to see some at one point,
hell you've read mine, and they suck,
shaggmad: well they dont suck... maybe i can give you
some of mine...
Justmer3102: don't let me pressure you into it, only if
you want to
shaggmad: its all good
Justmer3102: (I should have probably warned you that I
don't take compliments that well, I never really have been
able to)
shaggmad: hey nobody can really handle them that wel
Justmer3102: I know but I've made people kinda upset at
me because I don't take them well at all!

shaggmad: me neither... all i ever say is "hey thanks,
thanks a lot" or "thank you so much"
shaggmad: i need to get some new material
Justmer3102: my problem is I say something like "Not
really but thank you" or something along those lines, that
was a reason that me and Jimmy broke up!
shaggmad: whoa thats a gay thing to break up over
Justmer3102: that was just ONE reason, small part of it
shaggmad: pj pl
shaggmad: and oh ok too
Justmer3102: lol
Justmer3102: that's a new one
shaggmad: yeah
shaggmad: my fingers were off 1 key to the rght
Justmer3102: I got that
Justmer3102: lol
Justmer3102: me and Jimmy are just much better off as
friends, he just tried really hard and complimented me all
the time so it pissed him off went I responded
shaggmad: so you punched him and threw rocks at him all
the time?
Justmer3102: when**
shaggmad: man you are so abusive
Justmer3102: yeah that's what I did, what hell are you
talking about
Justmer3102: I'm lost
shaggmad: i'm just playin' around
Justmer3102: good, 'cause I don't know where that came
shaggmad: outta nowhere
Justmer3102: true
Justmer3102: so hows everything up north?
shaggmad: well its really exciting... every day is a new
shaggmad: only...not
Justmer3102: lol!
Justmer3102: seriously
shaggmad: yeah
Justmer3102: there must be some fun to be had up there, I
mean damn you're only 1 hour and 30 mins from me and we
have plenty down here
shaggmad: we have like bowling... and put put...
shaggmad: and those places are now filled with pot
smoking alcoholics so its pretty dangerous
Justmer3102: damn that really sucks, what about DC
shaggmad: ahh thats too far away
Justmer3102: I heard there's a club up there called the
Ice Box
Justmer3102: it's only like 30 mins
shaggmad: thats a lot of gas $
Justmer3102: ahh, true, my dad gives me all my gas money
Justmer3102: but that just gulit money
shaggmad: thats what it used to be for me..
Justmer3102: how so?
Justmer3102: are your parents split up too?
shaggmad: no... they just felt sorry for me when i
complained that i didnt have anywhere to go
Justmer3102: ah, well my dad split with some chick a
couple years ago, so when I turned 16 he bought me a car
and a gas card (that he keeps filled with money), but just
to annoy him I traded in the car for an older one. and put
the money in the bank so that I'll have travel money when I
go on tour
shaggmad: thats a sweet idea
Justmer3102: yeah he didn't like it very much, and
complained to my mom that she wasn't keeping an eye on me.
blah blah blah, it was funny though cause she was like why
don't you worry about your daughter ..... um I mean
[email protected]
shaggmad: thats pretty hilarious
Justmer3102: yup, but sometimes, I don't know, I just
wish everything was like it used to be.
Justmer3102: you know what I mean?
shaggmad: yeah i know
Justmer3102: I miss family outings. I heard this song the
other day called "butterfly kisses" and it's all about this
girl and her dad, I started bawling like a baby, 'cause
I've never had a really close relationship with my dad,
that stopped when I turned 8 and he left
shaggmad: i'm sorry
Justmer3102: it's ok damn I'm sorry about all this, we
can talk about something happier if you want.
shaggmad: ha its ok we can talk about whatever you want
Justmer3102: you pick
shaggmad: well i sent you one of my songs
Justmer3102: really? hang one
Justmer3102: on*
shaggmad: the short one... its only 1:06 long
Justmer3102: wow!
Justmer3102: that's. . . .
Justmer3102: just, wow! I don't even know what to say to
shaggmad: ha thank you
Justmer3102: you're very welcome, damn have you shown
this to . . . um . . . sara? (was that her name?)
shaggmad: yeah i showed it to her, but i'm not gonna let
her hear it until my group records it
Justmer3102: wow, I want a guy to write a song about me,
or to think of me like that!
shaggmad: yeah i love her she's so great
Justmer3102: she's very lucky
shaggmad: she calls me at work just to say hello... and i
dont mind because work is so boring
Justmer3102: aww, that's really sweet, but she's with
someone right?
shaggmad: yeah jeff my best friend
Justmer3102: well that's really cool
Justmer3102: so
shaggmad: so so
Justmer3102: do re mi fa so
shaggmad: la ti do
Justmer3102: I'm trying to come up with more "lyrics" to
that poem, and I've only got two more lines so far
Justmer3102: it's hard to sit down and think of what to
shaggmad: well i kinda put you on the spot- it is hard to
think of stuff
shaggmad: you should just let it come out
Justmer3102: me and my mom are going on vacation from
monday to thursday (to the beach) I'll just go out at night
and write what comes to mind, hopefully some of it will
Justmer3102: naw you didn't put me on the spot, it is
weird though to think that some guy I've never met has put
my words to music
shaggmad: well they are good words
Justmer3102: thanks, I wish I could say the same about
the music, but hell you could have turned it into a rap for
all I know!
shaggmad: haha maybe i did
Justmer3102: damn you!
shaggmad: aww you didnt want a rap? geeze my bad
Justmer3102: well whatever works, I love rap, I mean the
Beastie Boys are unbelievable, I just can see my poems
being raps,
Justmer3102: but anyway when am I gonna hear what you've
shaggmad: yeah when i'm done geeze someone is a little
Justmer3102: well! wouldn't you be?
shaggmad: ..yeah a little
Justmer3102: so yeah, but I'm sorry, I'll try and not
think about it
shaggmad: its all goood
Justmer3102: you've told me what kinds of music you
listen to, what about bands, groups, etc?
shaggmad: i just got the new sisqo, temptations, nsync is
the only guy group i like, jagged edge, mysitkal,
outkast.... i like loud music in my car i think
Justmer3102: no backstreet boys?!
shaggmad: nah... one of them is an alcoholic and they are
all dicks to eachother
Justmer3102: and you know this how? (the dicks to
eachother part)
shaggmad: i saw all this behind the scenes stuff on
VH1..they were yelling at eachother
Justmer3102: hummm, interesting. I guess I don't watch
enough tv, I do like the backstreet boys, I think they
sound really good plus a couple of them write their own
Justmer3102: I don't know anything about Nsync, just that
Justin lipsynced to that beat box at the end of "pop" which
I thought was really dumb, but that's just me
shaggmad: lipsynced how?
Justmer3102: I watched the "making of the video"
for "pop" and he lipsynced to the beat box at the end. what
do you mean "how?" ?
shaggmad: well its not like he's gonna do that live
Justmer3102: no sweetie, it wasn't him, on the tape at
shaggmad: ahh well
Justmer3102: whatever, it doesn't matter
shaggmad: i'm not too worried about it
Justmer3102: me either I don't know why I said anything
in the first place
Justmer3102: oh well
Justmer3102: have you ever listened to weezer?
shaggmad: yeah i like their old CD more than the new one
Justmer3102: me, too. I'm listening to "Butterfly" right
now. I love this song. I saw wezzer at the 9:30 club a
couple of months ago and they were like "any request?" and
so my friend put me up on his shoulders and I screamed
out "BUTTERFLY" and they looked right at me and were
like "ok!"
Justmer3102: it was so amazing!
shaggmad: thats fuckin' awesome
Justmer3102: hell yeah!
Justmer3102: what are you're feelings about country?
shaggmad: i'm not a big fan
shaggmad: i like a couple songs
Justmer3102: like who?
shaggmad: i dont know that girls name but the song is
like "when i think about rain i think about singing" or
shaggmad: i like that song
Justmer3102: damn that's like one of my fav songs! What
about any guys?
Justmer3102: Ever heard of Mark Wills?
shaggmad: yeah.. he needs to do more of his own songs
shaggmad: i think he ruined back at one and i do
Justmer3102: what the hell?
shaggmad: i thought they were so much better they way
they were
Justmer3102: I didn't like "i do" but I did like back at
one, well you do know that he released them at the same
time as the other people?
Justmer3102: and he's a really nice guy!
shaggmad: well 98degrees released i do like 2 years ago
shaggmad: i duno
Justmer3102: it doesn't matter, I was just wondering.
Have you heard his song "Jacobs Ladder"?
Justmer3102: or any of the other songs he has?
shaggmad: nope
shaggmad: nah
Justmer3102: he's got a lot of really good songs, and he
gave me a CD for free so he's on my good list
shaggmad: i like that group Marshall Dillon, and that one
group... they sing "waiting for daylight"
Justmer3102: that's a really good song
Justmer3102: what about rascal flats?
shaggmad: yeah and they are really good
shaggmad: i think that might be them...
shaggmad: 3 guys?
Justmer3102: yup
shaggmad: yeah
Justmer3102: one of them is really hot
Justmer3102: have you ever heard of "4 Bitching Babes"?
Justmer3102: they're not country
shaggmad: i dont think so
Justmer3102: my mom gave me two of their CDs and they are
sooo funny! I'm listening to "Viarga in the Water"
shaggmad: haha
shaggmad: hey-can we continue this conversation later? i
gotta get some sleep
Justmer3102: yeah I was just about to say the same
Justmer3102: sweet dreams
shaggmad: k then
shaggmad: you too