Dear God Shoot ME!
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2001-07-18 05:42:26 (UTC)

Why does God create these freaks? Seriously? Why do I?

alright apparently Amanda and heather have been pushing
ellie a little bit and "training" her to be a bitch to
me..once again murder is one of my main options....but if i
killed ellie she would probably rise again...seeing how she
is an ugly demon. Amanda is making it look like she doesnt
encourage the insults..when i know she does. exspectially
since she is the one that started them...I really hate
them...oh this is the grossest thing i have ever heard in
my life! when I spent the night at Amanda's place she
fucked a guy while i was sleeping....IN THE SAME ROOM!!!!!!
Is that not gross....and ppl wonder why i hate god....cause
he created freaks like that! Oh yeah Heather asked me out
and i said no...she got really mad. I was scared because
she has been to the "asylum" in my city...cause she was
crazy...not depressed crazy but..."the call is coming from
inside the house" crazy. I think she needs to go back cause
she is always hurting ppl.. she needs a padded cell. Fuck i
hate them....i want them to die....if any serial killers
read this....there addresses are: no that probably wouldnt
be good...cause who would clean up the mess. ah well....

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