2001-07-18 05:35:52 (UTC)

Observations of a Dog

~to the audience of my shadows
My Dog
Mans best friend. Stereotyped into a perfect block. Those
not fitting are put down.

My dog is all things ever said of dogs. Loyal faithful
true. But it is my own fult that I do not care so much for
dogs as I do others. Dogs have always appeared to me to be
simple minded and this also is true of mine. She can not
see her own worth and relys on the commands of others to
get by.

My dog isnot equiped to handle it's own oreals. It relys
heavly on a "master" to show it what it should be doing.
It's emotions are connected to it's "master" sad for sorrow
and dumb founded bliss for joy. It is a well equiped
animal and it chooses it's ow masters and it's own chains
in the same. The "masters" it chooses to let rule it, even
when it is unaware that it does are what hold it back from
becomming what it needs to be. Hand shy from bad
experences and unaware of teh rules placed on those that
lead their own lives it is unable to function in the world
of man. It has no concept of tact and no idea of
Domestic animal that is it, it has lost touch with that
primal drive and I can see that it's searching for it. It
wasn't until resently that I saw it was trying to break
free of it's binds and escape the masters it has kept all
it's life. They are useless unless learned from and it
seems to me my dog has learned all it can from them and
what's left to be learned can only come from being on it's
own, a stray. Sadly it looks as if my dogs plans for
escape are failing and the master will be following (tho
not on purpose oer say) my dog in it's journy. That last
step into humanity that seemed so simple has jsut
complacated itself. It is my hope that this will nto defeat
my dog and that it will get by and see the light.

From the stage
yours to idolize