2001-07-18 05:23:46 (UTC)

Observations of a Mouse

~To the audience of my confusion

My mouse
A creature small and unsure. Still to young to understand
it's own natre trying to be what it's not. I do not know
this creature well and I suspect that there is a side I
have yet to see. I know of it's facade, and I know of it's
darker nature, but I'm unsure of it's intent towards me.
I've found that such a pet is prone to lure you in with
looks and mannor and then before touched it bites. I must
say I am afraid of such a bite.

My mouse wavors where it goes. It trys very hard to fit in
where it feels it can not be. Some have said it has an ego
and I can see this in it's facade but I'm quite sure there
is little confadence in the thing. Such is the nature of
the mouse.

I've spent my time with it. at frist quite endered to it.
Now I find the creature cares for me and I can not see how
I can be any diffrent then the others it has come in
contact with. My name would fit a list of others who have
no name. It desires Me as it does someone it doesn't know
at all. I feel as if my time was wasted. It will not
listen to me when I try to help, and I feel often as if it
plays along with me to please me. It learns fast how to
navagate the maze but that doesn't make it any smarter. The false
face it wears for me I cna see. Before it's interest for me grew I
saw one face, now anohter to please me or hide it's true nature. I
can see the eyes it looks at me with and I know what it wants. If it
truely desires soemthign else then it should make it clear to me.
This game of false faces only drives me further away.

My mouse must first learn to please itself before it trys
to please another because even if it's intent is good (this
I don't know for sure myself) it will always fail until
it's own needs are met. And when I speak of need I do not
mean in the physical. To my knowlage thsi creature is
quite apt at filling the basic need that drives most
creatures. The need I speak of is on the fist level that
takes a child to the emotional level to correctly deal with
the physical need and function in a socity. That is when
this mouse will become a man. No sooner.

From the stage
yours to desire