Jersey Girl
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2002-08-29 23:17:36 (UTC)

DJ-ing and Disability...

Ok, so... Let me just start with the frustrating news
first... I got a phone call todday from the disability
people, and they are saying that i am not approved to
receive any disability money for the past 2 months that ive
been out of work on a count of my car accident, because my
second job has their own disability... Even if thats true
it doesnt matter because i do not qualify for Sears
disability because i was only part time when i worked there.
What kinda BS is that?!? WTF???!!!! So now, i gotta get on
the phone with these people and B**** them out, because i
need that money to make my past car payments and bills i
owe. Why does the government suck? Its like one of
them "retorical questions".

Ok, and now for the good news.

Last night Carol had her 1st actual shot DJ-ing at our
club. She did GREAT! Even though the weather was horrible,
and my 'rents B****ed me out prior to going, i had a great
time. and i am so glad i went. I got to see Carol doing
what she loves to do. It's like, i know how she feels
almost... Youve got all this built up frustration from the
usual daily BS, but when she steps up to that mixer, for
those few hours her spirit is free. Its a great feeling.
And im so happy that i got to witness that.

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