No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-08-29 23:04:50 (UTC)


Why do some things jsut have to be so damn complicated? I
mean some are life right now is great. Last week
was crazy...I was having a bad day EVERY day...something
went wrong everyday and it hurt me jsut to hang out with
this person because of it. But this week and lately has
just been awesome and I hope it will continue to be that
way. I will make it that way cuz I will never stand back
and wait again...never. I just wont..I will push my way in
again. lol. :D I'm crazy...I know. :D Anywho, I shall
shutith my mouth.
*hyperness* *happiness*
OH OH OH! You should have seen me dancing in my room last
night. lol. I was in a really great mood and I blasted
music and was stupid danicing while was
hilarious! Jess, you would have laughed your ASS off. :D