Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2002-08-29 23:03:18 (UTC)

Matt1 bio

1. Name: Mattthew Allen Schwartz

2. What guys call you: Matt or Matt1

3. What girls call you: Matt, Matty, ping pong ping

4. What your parents/family calls you: Matt

5. Birth City: Dickson, TN

6. Hospital: ???

7. Time: 6:22pm

8. Number of times you've moved: 3

9. Birthday: August 20th 1979

10. Age: 23

11. Height: 8' 8"

12. Weight: 165

13. Blood Type: ???

14. Grade: top grade a piece of beef

15. Classes for next year: what? please

16. School: went a little

17. Siblings (whole/step/half and ages): 2 brothers Curtis
(29)Jon(25)and Rebekah(19)

18. Parents married or divorced: married

19. How is your room decorated: with beatles, radiohead,
and spacehog posters

20. What kind of cell phone do you have: motorola

21. Pets: a dog(bonnie), 3 cats(majic, melody, and
patches), and some fish

22. Screenname(s): you wish you knew

23. What is your eye color: brown

24. What is your hair color: originally brown, but
buirgandy, red and blonde right now

26. What size shoe do you wear: 12

SECTION TWO: What's your favorite..........

1. Food: Meat and potatoes

2. Drink: chocolate milk, smirnoff ice, vanilla coke

3. Fruit: apple

4. Vegetable: green beans?

5. Color(s): purple

6. Cologne/perfume: I wear drakkar

7. Part of the opposite sex: face, eyes, hips

8. Stuffed animal: I have a cabbge patch kid

9. Mall: I hate malls excpet when I meet hot girls there

10. Candle scent: vanilla

11. Store: thrift store, clothing wharehouse

13. Current song: any one I am writing or .... tuna in the
brine by silverchair

14. Gum: watermelon bubble yum

15. Movie: I am sam, moulin rouge, ameile, royal
tenembaums, trainspotting, billy elliot

16. Actor: ewan mcgregor

17. Actress: natalie portman

18. Animal: turtle

19. TV channel: MTV2, BBC america

20. TV show: changing rooms, friends, seinfield, behind the
music, the osbournes, jackass, whos line is it anyways?

21. Radio station: I hate radio but if I listen fox97

22. Rapper: Outkast

24. Soundtrack: I am Sam, Moulin Rouge, Magnolia

25. Class: music theory

26. Article of Clothing: underwear

27. Flower: ???

28. Holiday: my birthday

29. Day of the week: friday

30. Month: August

31. Season: Fall

32. City: Atlanta, Nashville, Dallas

33. State: Ga, TN, Tx

34. Vacation spot: ????

35. Age to be: 21

36. College football team: Falcons

37. Comedy: whos line is it anyways?

38. Cartoon: ren and stimpy

39. Place to drive around: in the country with the windows

40. Blanket: ???

41. Car: 57' Chevy bell-air

42. Eye color: blue

43. Hair color: Blonde

44. Pen ink color: red

45. Shoes that you own: black and white ones

46. Computer game: rollercoaster tycoon

47. Quote: "screamo sucks"

SECTION THREE: Person who...

1. Is your best friend: Katelyn

2. You want to go out with: Natalie portman

4. Teases you the most: the guys

5. You hate the most: scene kids

6. Makes you laugh the hardest: Joel

7. Makes you cry: mean girls

8. Makes you smile: when a hot girl smiles at you

9. ????

10. Has your same clothing style: hot rock guys

11. Is most like you personality wise: ????

12. You lie to: ????

13. Calls you the most: joel

14. You wish you never met: ???

15. Wears you out: ???

16. You love to hate: ????

17. You hate to love: ????

18. Go to for advice: Katelyn

20. Trust the most: God

21. Care for the most: family

22. Love: God

SECTION FOUR: Random Questions requiring long answers...

1. How do yah take complements? not well

2. Thing about girls/guys that makes you wanna hug them to
bits: if they are good friends or really hot

3. Thing you fear more than anything else: that I won't
have a living making music

4. Thing that makes you uncomfortable: when people don't
like me

5. Pet Peeve: stupid people

6. Thing you can do that no one else knows about: can't
fall asleep....hardly ever and it takes about me 3 months
to make a new song

7. Thing you dislike about your relatives: they are

Last question, I swear, What is the meaning of life: to
enjoy everything God has given us.