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2002-08-29 22:18:11 (UTC)


I didnt really know how to title this so I just titled
it you can see. I am soo glad tomorrow is Friday!
Well, today was a good day actually. But, I miss my
friend, Audrey, she hasn't been in school all week because
she is taking some nursing test. I have chache to sit with
at lunch...that's Rachael btw. I frickin love my creative
writing class! I love it because we can write whatever the
hell we want! And we don't have to write any dumbass
essays! It's just our thoughts...I'm good at writing my
thoughts. Plus, LL sat behind me today and he is really
funny. He is EB's friend. I saw EB today and he was acting
as if he was going into the girls bathroom...He can go in
there with me and we can make-out! hahaha I so wish...he
doesnt even know my name. I know he knows I exist because
he looks at me. Im so pathetic!
I actually felt good about myself today. I know that
sounds bad that I dont feel good about myself but you know
when you just have one of those days when everything is
just so BLAH and you feel as if you look BLAH too? Well, I
had those days for the past week, until today. I think
everyone needs to give herself a pep talk when they get
ready for school in the morning. Just look in the mirror
and say, "Honey, you are GORGEOUS!" hahaha...hey it works
sometimes and I know it is true for everyone!
I can't wait until tomorrow because Ry might be
coming over! Well, last friday he said he would come but I
am not going to hold my breath. Okay, well I'm off to do
nothing...maybe I will do some homework that isnt due
right away...or maybe I won't haha...That's what study
hall is for!

Until Next Time America

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