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2002-08-29 21:05:33 (UTC)

survived the firstr week

today was a long day of school. this morning i had
sociology and that seemed really cool. i liked it alot.
then i hung out with lissa for awhile. we walked to tops
and then we went back to the student union. we got a drink
and sat down and a few minutes later brian walks in alone
and sits down to eat. i waved at him across the room and
lisa was like- we should go sit with him. so we sit down
and he seemed like we were intruding and i felt so weird.
then she left to go talk to a friend and i was left alone
with him and i was asking him like a million questions. so
then lisa comes back and we went outside and he was like i
dont really want to go outside, then she was like fine
then. we all went outside and talked for a few minutes and
then he was like im not trying to diss u but i gotta go
take a shit, so i dunno what that was all about bc he
always seems so nice but it was weird, i dont think he was
really trying to be an ass though. oh well he just seems
really cute though. and pretty cool. ive made some new
friends and they are so different from the type of people i
ususall y hang out with. but they are really nice. so
colege isnt that bad lol