No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-08-29 20:38:23 (UTC)


Ok, weirdness. I hate Guys at Drill were
saying how much they liked them...I dont wanna hear that
from them. I feel bad. My friend is blah cuz I wont go out
with him....*sigh* But I like someone i shouldn't
feel bad.
I guess things with LeeAnn and my dad just arent working
anymore...I guess they are thinking about splitting up. All
I can say to that is "I told you so" I TOLD my dad...does
he listen to me? No becasue I am an innocent teenager who
see's deeper than the surface and see's everything form the
outside but he was inside and couldn't see it.
Oh well, things are getting back to normal and I am so
HAPPY so so SO happy about it :D :D ;D